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John W. 

Graves III

Welcome, family! John Graves Productions has been around for a while now and it still feels like the beginning.

I have learned that if you keep going and growing, your passions will make room for you and pave the way for others to find freedom in their passions. 

I'm in love with the arts, and I imagine you've got a thing for the arts too. Well, JGP is a display of my passions going and growing, and the permission many need to fulfill their dreams too.



John Graves Productions (JGP) is a non-profit entertainment company that uses the arts, education, and service to develop, inspire, and cultivate artists and communities. 

JGP Departments include Performing Arts, Education, Community Service, Mentoring & Internships, and our Repertory Company. 


Offer individuals (students, members, partners, etc.) the opportunity to experience the arts through excellent artistic and supervisory leadership; give individuals the outlets to discover their talents in a safe, creative, diverse, educational, and inspiring environment; create effective means to support the training and development in the arts; provide support for up and coming artists and performers, and preserving and supporting positive ideas and initiatives for the betterment of the community.



Integration of life skills through the Arts; Community Enrichment; Integrity; Responsibility; Safety; Personal & Professional Development; & Teamwork.


JGP was established in 2007 as a non-profit arts and entertainment company. Our first production was "My Son, My Brother, My Friend" at Freedom Theatre in Philadelphia, PA. Shortly after, John Graves began to build JGP to not only continue his artistic journey but to inspire the dreams of others within the company and the community. 

Within its 13-year tenure, JGP has:

  • Developed & hosted several classes, seminars, and individual training in the arts, business, and life-skills.

  • Developed & ran after-school programming in the arts for schools and community centers.

  • Produced over 12 plays, dance productions, annual Heart Music concert series (an entertainment platform featuring local independent artists), 100 Voice Concerts, and monthly performance opportunities for local artists and community members


In January of 2015, John Graves opened JGP Studios alongside Heres2CoolStuff, Inc. JGP Studio serves as a unique and creative space where the arts, service, and community collide. 

JGP has also performed in the main office of the United States’ House of Representatives, the Governor’s mansion, the Philadelphia Academy of Music, Freedom Theatre, Universities and schools near and in our surrounding areas, and has successfully completed 2 tours. 

Our goal is to continue to unify and cultivate the arts within our community. We do this by giving artists, entrepreneurs, educators, and students the platforms they need to study, grow, thrive, stay inspired, and create. 


Through the artistry of founder and director, John Graves III, actors, dancers, singers, musicians, designers, entrepreneurs, and educators use their creativity, imagination, and techniques to not only serve and grow as artists and people but to confront audiences with relevant, inspiring, and thought-provoking works that give them permission to face their fears and live in freedom. 


John Graves Productions



Founder & Chief Executive Officer,

John Graves Productions

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